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Operating Tips & Modifications

This department of TVWB represents all the knowledge I have accumulated from early 1997 to date about the operation, care, and maintenance of the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. I want to thank all of the WSM enthusiasts out there who have freely shared their knowledge of the WSM with me through personal conversations, e-mail messages, and Internet discussions. Much of the credit for the information in this department goes to them.

New owners should pay special attention to the articles in the "WSM Operating Tips" section below.

WSM Operating Tips
Firing Up Your Weber Bullet Usage Tips
How to prepare and operate your Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker.
Frequently Asked Questions
You have questions? We have answers covering everything from pricing and warranty to construction and troubleshooting.
Firing Up Your Weber Bullet
Sure-fire methods for firing up the WSM, including "The Minion Method" for extended cooking sessions.
• Seasoning Your New Weber Bullet
• Measuring Temperature In The WSM
• Temperature Control Problems: Too Hot, Too Cool
• WSM Temperature Tests
• Using A Water Pan In Weber Smokers
How To Use A Chimney Starter
A companion to Firing Up Your Weber Bullet. Includes alternatives to newspaper for starting the fire.
• Cooking In The Wind, Rain & Cold
• Cleanup, Maintenance & Storage
• Protecting Patios & Wooden Decks
• Common Operating Mistakes
WSM Modifications
More Thermometer Installations

Introduction To WSM Modifications
Just a few thoughts I'd like to share before you dive into modifying your Weber Bullet.
• More Thermometer Installations
• Cutting A Probe Thermometer Slot
• Increasing Cooking Capacity
• Lid Holders, Hangers & Hinges
• Replacement Wooden Lid Handles
• Vent Damper Modifications
• Access Door Modifications
• Adding Handles To The Cooking Section
• Adding Handles To The Bottom Cooking Grate
• Water Pan Modifications
Extending Water Pan Support Flanges

• The Piedmont Pan

Installing A Thermometer
How to achieve a professional-looking thermometer installation on the WSM.
• Charcoal Grate Modifications
• Rotisseries
• Work Tables
• Gas & Electric Conversions
• Grilling On The Weber Bullet
• Cold Smoker Conversion
• WSM On Wheels
• Porcelain Repair
• The Little Red Bullet Project
• The Two-Tone Blue Bullet Project
• Smokey Joe Mini WSM Project
Reference Topics
All About Charcoal All About Charcoal
Learn all about charcoal—how it's made, what's in it, and how to choose the right one for your Weber Bullet.
All About Smoke Woods
This topic introduces the various smoke woods and helps you decide which woods to use with different barbecue meats.
Testing Thermometers For Accuracy:
Ice Bath Test & Boiling Water Test

Use the ice bath test and the boiling water test to check the accuracy of your thermometers.
• Boiling Point Calculator
• Make Your Own Ash Shovel
Barbecue Accessories & Supplies
Here's a list of items that new Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker owners needs to get started.
• Kingsford Long-Burning Charcoal Briquets & Weber 100% All Natural Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes Burn Test 2017
• Kingsford Professional Briquets Replace Competition Briquets
• New Kingsford Original Charcoal Briquets Formula For 2015
• Kingsford Charcoal Briquets - Minor Changes for 2010
• Kingsford Competition Briquets - New For 2009
• Kingsford Charcoal Briquets - New Design, New Formula For 2006
• Kingsford R&D Lab Trip Report
Videos: Operating Tips & Modifications On YouTube
Water Pan Safety


Updated: 07/08/2019

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