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WSM Infrared Photos

Scott McMahon took these infrared photos of his Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker about 10 minutes after assembling the smoker. I think they’re interesting because you can see the WSM in a way not possible with the naked eye.

Note that in the second photo, the bright blue spot to the left of the smoker is most likely a small piece of warm charcoal stuck in the bottom of the chimney starter!

Close-up infrared photo of the WSM Distant infrared photo of the WSM and chimney starter

In 2018, I bought a FLIR thermal camera for my iPhone. It lets me see infrared images on the screen of my smartphone!

Here are three infrared photos I took on April 13, 2019 when cooking pork butts in the WSM. The cooker was running at 276°F at the time.

Infrared image of WSM at 276F Infrared image of WSM lid at 276F Infrared image of two pork butts on WSM cooking grate

Infrared photos: 2010 by Scott McMahon.

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