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WSM Box Art

Early 1980s

Weber octagon box

When the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker was first introduced for the 1981 model year, it came in an eight-sided box. A few of these boxes have survived, but they are few and far between. We catch a glimpse of two of them in this promotional photo featuring company founder George Stephen. He’s posing with a variety of Weber grills, including the original Model 1880 14.5″ WSM perched on top of an octagonal box. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the Go-Anywhere charcoal grill to the left of the WSM is also sitting on an eight-sided box.

As far as the box art goes, it appears to be a series of large symbolic line drawings with text, each representing a product feature. Is that a drumstick in one of the drawings?

And what’s that light pole in the background? It’s none other than The Web electric bug zapper from Weber.

Mid 1980s to 2000

2000 & earlier WSM box art

By the time I bought my first Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker in 1997, Weber had abandoned the eight-sided box for a square one and had replaced the symbolic graphics with a large, full-color label pasted on the side of the box featuring this family on the porch of a log cabin and the original Model 2880 18.5″ WSM.

A portion of the label (not shown in this photo) wrapped around the corner of the box to the adjacent side and contained the following text (emphasis as printed on the label):

Smokey Mountain Cooker

  • Delicious food first time, every time!
  • It’s the first smoker rugged enough to deserve the Weber name…and the first smoker ever to carry a full 5-year limited warranty.
  • Built to give year after durable year of great food…heavy steel sealed in porcelain enamel, inside and out! No rusting, no burning!
  • Smokes! Roasts! Steams! Grills!
  • It’s the smoke cooker you’ve seen on TV…the smoker that just won’t quit.

The log cabin family was also featured on the cover of the WSM Owner’s Manual from 1981-1988, but in a different photo from the same photo shoot. The outdoor theme carried over into print and television advertising, as well. See the WSM Advertising page for examples, including a rarely seen video of a WSM television commercial.

If you compare the WSM in this photo to today’s 18.5″ WSM, you’ll notice some interesting differences:

  • It has a smooth, non-textured steel access door. Today’s WSM has a textured aluminum door.
  • It has a horizontal line pressed into the door just below the knob. Today’s WSM has vertical lines along each edge of the door in addition to the horizontal line.
  • The access door is much taller than on today’s WSM.
  • The screws for the cooking grate brackets are just a few inches apart, meaning that the cooking grates are very close together. Today’s WSM has more vertical space between cooking grates.
  • The vent dampers have three lines pressed into the surface. Today’s 14.5″ and 18.5″ WSMs have no such lines, but the 22.5″ WSM does.

I suspect this is a photo of a prototype WSM or an early production model that was subsequently redesigned.


2001-2004 WSM box art

In August 2001, Weber changed the WSM box art to the version shown here. As with the previous full-color label, this one was pasted onto the brown box.

The text on the label reads:

  • Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid
  • 2 Triple nickel-plated cooking grates
  • Glass-reinforced nylon handle provides years of durability
  • Premium grade cover included
  • Two 18-1/2″ diameter cooking areas

As with the previous box art, part of the label wrapped around to the right side of the box. It shows the Weber logo, the phrase “Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker” and a smaller version of the product photo.


In 2004, Weber updated all of its product packaging, switching from a brown box to a white box and printing the graphics directly onto the box—no more glued-on labels.

Here’s the front of the box.

2004-2008 WSM box - front view

And here’s the side of the box.

2004-2008 WSM box - side view


In 2009, Weber introduced a redesigned 18.5″ WSM and the all-new 22.5″ WSM. The box art for each cooker was a modest update from the previous design.

18.5″ Box

Here’s the front of the 18.5″ box.

2009-2013 18.5" WSM box - front view

And here’s the side of the 18.5″ box. In 13 languages it says:

  • 480 sq inch total cooking surface
  • Two 18-1/2″ diameter cooking grates
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid
  • Large water pan
2009-2013 18.5" WSM box - side view

22.5″ Box

Here’s the front of the 22.5″ box.

2009-2013 22.5" WSM box - front view

And here’s the side of the 22.5″ box. In 13 languages, it says:

  • 726 sq inch total cooking surface
  • Two 22-1/2″ diameter cooking grates
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid
  • Large water pan
2009-2013 22.5" WSM box - side view


For the 2014 model year, Weber introduced the new WSM 14.5″ cooker and a new feature on the 18.5″ and 22.5″ cookers that is reflected in the product photo on the box—the addition of the thermometer port silicone grommet.

14.5″ Box

Here’s the front of the 14.5″ box.

2014 14.5" WSM box - front view

Can you say “Smokey Mountain Cooker” in 13 different languages?

2014 14.5" WSM box - side view 1

How about “Free Cover Included” in 13 languages?

2014 14.5" WSM box - side view 2


Here’s an example of the 18.5″ WSM box from 2018. The fine print on the box says “23574 10/17 Rev D”. I assume the five-digit number is the part number for the box. 10/17 corresponds to Weber’s 2018 model year which began on October 1, 2017. I assume that Rev D means this is the fourth version of the box design.

Here’s the front of the box. Notice that the design has reverted to a single, large image of the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker.

2018 WSM 18.5" box - front view

And here’s the side of the box.

2018 WSM 18.5" box - side view

Although the cover is still free, it’s now referred to as “premium.”

Close-up of premium cover included

The scanned images and text from Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker box labels are Copyright Weber-Stephen Products LLC and are included here for historical illustration.

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