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Holiday Gift Guide For Barbecuing & Grilling Enthusiasts

Looking for the perfect Christmas present for the barbecuing or grilling fan in your life? Have you been a good boy or girl this past year and want to treat yourself to a little “self-gifting”?

We’ve got great holiday gift ideas for you no matter who’s buying what for whom, and at a variety of price points!

Note: Prices are subject to live update by Amazon.

TVWB Cow Pig Chicken T-ShirtTVWB T-Shirts – $22.99

We’ve got a variety of t-shirt designs and colors available at Represent.com in sizes from small to 5X. A portion of each purchase helps support our website and discussion forum!

Want to try your hand at making authentic Central Texas style brisket? Then you’ll need some authentic pink butcher paper! This is the stuff they use to wrap briskets during the final few hours of cooking to make them nice and tender without turning them into pot roast.

The Weber 6277 12-inch grill brush is the top-rated brush by Cook’s Illustrated magazine. The wide brush head cleans large surfaces quickly, the shorter sides can be used to clean edges and between grate rods. Thick stainless steel bristles resist wear. Ergonomic handle provides control and leverage when cleaning dirty grates.

These Weber 7017 silicone grilling gloves are a new accessory that’s perfect for working with hot meat on your smoker. Food-grade silicone withstands heat up to 400°F. Hand washable with soap and water. US size large.

The Cambro Cheese Shaker with yellow lid is my favorite rub shaker and the rub shaker of choice for many barbecue professionals. The hole size is perfect for applying rub. Made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate and dishwasher safe.

ThermoWorks Thermopop

ThermoWorks ThermoPop – $21

Super-fast 3-4 second temperature readings with the accuracy and quality you expect from ThermoWorks, and at a new lower price this year!


  • Rotating display
  • Left and right-handed use
  • Splash-proof design
  • Big backlit digits
  • Temp range: -58 to 572°F
  • Switchable °C/°F
  • 5000 hours of typical performance with included lithium battery
  • 9 fun colors!

Get a taste of Kansas City! This barbecue sauce sampler set is carefully curated to bring you Kansas City Original sauces that are packed with flavor to make your next BBQ party a resounding success! The ideal gift for the barbecue lover in your life. Four 18-ounce bottles.

Insulated non-slip five-finger design helps you manage hot meats like a pro! The 13″ length extends protection to most of your forearm. Large size 10 gloves fit most people and are easy to put on and take off. Soft jersey cotton liner helps hands stay cool and comfortable while pulling meat. Food grade neoprene coating is EN 407 compliant and resistant to melting and is fire resistant.

I know magazines are kind of old-fashioned, but I really enjoy receiving Cook’s Country magazine every other month. It’s big, it’s colorful, and it contains lots of interesting recipes that can be made by any home cook at any skill level. I get lots of inspiration from Cook’s Country for barbecue recipes that I adapt to the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker as well as side dishes and desserts, too.

ThermoWorks Smoke

ThermoWorks Smoke – $99

Two-channel meat/pit wireless probe thermometer that’s built like a tank!

  • Wireless to 300 feet line of sight
  • Uses commercial grade Pro-Series probes
  • Pre-paired with receiver—no setup required
  • Splash-proof design to IP65 standard
  • Dashboard-style display shows Min/Max and Hi/Lo alarms
  • Backlit display with large digits
  • Pair multiple wireless receivers to one base for the entire BBQ team
  • Wi-Fi gateway + smartphone app available (purchased separately)

Don’t have a kitchen scale? Whether it’s weighing how much fat you trimmed off that brisket or weighing flour for baking bread, you’ll find lots of good uses for a kitchen scale. This one handles up to 11 pounds and has a backlit pull-out display that prevents shadowing from large plates or bowls. I’ve been using this model for years and highly recommend it!

This is the grill you probably don’t own that you probably should own! 18″ cooking grate in a compact, lightweight design with Tuck-N-Carry lid lock that doubles as a lid holder. This charcoal grill is perfect for tailgating, weekend getaways, a day at the beach, or picnics in the park.

Thermapen ONE

ThermoWorks Thermapen ONE – $99

Ultra-fast 1 second temperature readings from the gold standard in handheld instant-read thermometers! Rated #1 by Cook’s Illustrated magazine, and at a new lower price this year!


  • Foldaway thermocouple probe
  • Auto-rotating display—use in either hand
  • Motion-sensing sleep/wake mode
  • Intelligent backlight
  • Waterproof to IP67 standard
  • Temp range: -58 to 572°F
  • Switchable °C/°F
  • 3000 hour battery life with AAA battery
  • 10 cool colors!

The Blackstone 17″ portable propane gas griddle is perfect for camping, tailgating, road trips, hunting and everyday outdoor use. Electric igniter, uses 1 pound propane bottles for fuel, and has a built in grease catcher. Fast and even heating, no-hassle cleanup.

Creekstone Farms chuck short ribs are always a crowd favorite and packed with great flavor. Each package contains 2 full bone-in chuck short ribs with 4 bones per piece. The average weight of each piece is approximately 3-4 lbs. so each order contains approximately 6-8 lbs. of bone-in chuck short ribs.

Add a little ambiance to your backyard with the Solo Stove Bonfire, the world’s most unique fire pit. This 19.5″ wide, 14″ tall firepit pushes the limits of both combustion airflow efficiency and minimalist outdoor design with its all stainless steel construction. Painstakingly engineered to provide a backyard fire experience that cannot be duplicated. Virtually smokeless, easy to use, portable, and requires literally no setup.

ThermoWorks Signals

ThermoWorks Signals – $239

Four-channel WiFi/Bluetooth BBQ Alarm Thermometer

Signals is a thermometer masterpiece, combining a comprehensive set of features with the quality you’ve come to expect from ThermoWorks. Four probe capacity allows you to measure pit temp + three meats simultaneously, and you can monitor those temps using the standalone base station OR via the new-and-improved ThermoWorks smartphone app using Bluetooth or built-in WiFi capability! Also includes splash-resistant design, backlit display, min/max temp alarms, and downloadable temp data for analysis/graphing when using the WiFi cloud function.

And now Signals can be used with the optional Billows BBQ Temperature Control Fan to automatically manage the fire in your WSM!

Sous vide is not just for high-end chefs! Consider this: You can smoke a whole brisket today, vacuum pack it and freeze it, pull it out of the freezer 6 months from now, drop the frozen brisket in the vacuum bag directly into a sous vide bath and 5 hours later have a perfect 160°F internal temp brisket! Change in plans: Mom and the kids will be 2 hours late for dinner. No worries! Leave the brisket in the sous vide and it will be exactly the same at 7:00pm as it was at 5:00pm. You can do this and more with this Anova Culinary sous vide setup including 16 liter cooking container.

Newly revised for 2021, this 24″ air-insulated Kamado-killer does everything a ceramic grill can do, but costs less and wears the Weber nameplate you know and love! Built like a tank, with two-position charcoal grate that converts from high-temp grilling to low-temp barbecuing, spring-balanced hinged lid, Gourmet BBQ System ready (cookware sold separately), and hinged RapidFire lid damper for fast lighting. Trust me, this is a great grill!

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