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Boiling Point Calculator

When testing the accuracy of a thermometer in boiling water, it’s important to know the boiling point of water at your location, especially if you live at high altitude. The boiling point of water is influenced mainly by atmospheric pressure, and atmospheric pressure varies based on your altitude and current weather conditions. Since weather conditions change from day to day, it’s best to determine the boiling point of water right at the time you are testing your thermometer.

This calculator estimates the boiling point of water based on your current barometric pressure in inches of mercury (inHg) and your elevation in feet.

(Boiling Point Calculator is offline. Please check back later.)

To determine your barometric pressure and elevation, visit Weather Underground and search for your location by city name or ZIP/postal code, as shown below.

Example of Weather Underground pressure/elevation

Why Is Elevation Required?

The barometric pressure for your location as reported on the Web has been corrected to a value relative to sea level. The elevation of your location is used to “uncorrect” the barometric pressure so the actual value can be used in the boiling point calculation.

If you own a barometer that displays actual barometric pressure not adjusted to sea level (sometimes called “measured pressure”), enter that pressure in the calculator and “0” for your elevation.

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