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The Glen Blue Bullet Project

The Glen Blue Bullet Project

2021 marks the 40th anniversary of the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker! To celebrate the occasion, I created this custom Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker called The Glen Blue Bullet. Read the article.

Triangle Rolling Platform For Weber Smokers

This triangle rolling platform for Weber smokers is made using steel angle, commonly found at most hardware stores. It cuts easily with an electric jigsaw or a hacksaw. You’ll also need three casters, washers and nuts. Make sure to buy steel angle with all round holes–don’t buy if it has oblong holes. Dimensions for all three Weber smokers are provided in the video. A neat little project that most anyone can do in an afternoon! Watch the video.

Review: Wienerschnitzel BBQ Brisket Fries

I was challenged by a fellow KCBS Master Certified BBQ Judge to review Wienerschnitzel’s BBQ Brisket Fries. I love fries and I love brisket so I took her up on the challenge. The things I do for my viewers…watch for the results.

Increasing Cooking Capacity Of Weber Smokers

There are many ingenious ways to increase the cooking capacity of your Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. These include modifying the meat you cook, using rib racks and additional cooking grates, and even hanging meat vertically. This video just begins to scratch the surface of all of the possibilities!

Simple Hot-Smoked Salmon

Simple smoked salmon on plate with lemon and dill

The most simple, delicious hot-smoked salmon you’ll ever make. High quality wild-caught King salmon & a simple cure are the key. Read the article.

Alternative Replacement Water Pans For 18.5″ WSM – Part 2

I’m back with four more alternative replacement water pans for the 18.5″ Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. Two pans are a good fit, while two others will require an adjustment to the grill straps in the middle cooking section for a secure fit. Make sure to watch my original alternative replacement pan video using the link below.

It has been noted in the video comments that perhaps a non-stick deep dish pizza pan is not a good choice for the WSM because the 450*F rating on the non-stick surface will most certainly be exceeded in the WSM. This stainless steel pan may be a better choice, but I have not tried.

Welcome To TVWBWelcome To TVWB!

Hey, it’s Chris Allingham! I’ve been using the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker for over 20 years. You can trust me to give you the best recipes, smoker tips, mods, and demo videos on the Web. And please join the discussion at our online forum!

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