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How To Use TVWB

Navigating The Website

At the top of all TVWB pages, you’ll see a series of clickable links. Each link represents a different section of the website.

  • The Home link takes you to the website homepage. This page is updated monthly to feature a new article, a contest drawing, or other information of interest to readers.
  • The Product Info link contains detailed photographs and technical specifications about the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker, including assembly, parts troubleshooting information, and WSM history.
  • The Cooking Topics link contains articles about different types of foods that can be prepared using the WSM. They’re sort of like recipes, but with a lot more detail and commentary. You’ll also find reference articles related to cooking—for example, articles about how to choose a brisket, which smoke woods go best with which meats, and why it’s important to let meat rest after cooking.
  • The Operating Tips & Mods link contains articles about how to operate and modify the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker, including articles on how to fire-up the WSM, how to troubleshoot operating problems, and a FAQ page.
  • The Videos link features a collection of how-to barbecue videos on YouTube.
  • The Resources link features a list of important resource information that I think is helpful to WSM owners, including contact information for Weber Customer Support, where to buy smoke wood, barbecue videos and magazines, and more.
  • The Forums link leads to The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board. This online community is “the place” for WSM owners (and future owners) to discuss this fabulous cooker in a friendly, supportive environment. You’ll find over 30 forums dedicated to barbecuing, grilling, competitions, WSM modifications, recipes, and more.
  • The BBQ Shopping link features my recommendations for the best grills, thermometers, books, and accessories available from Amazon.com and ThermoWorks.

To see an overview of all website content, take a look at the site map.

Searching The Website & Forums

The Virtual Weber Bullet website has its own search engine and search results, while The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board discussion forum has its own search engine and search results. Searching in one does not return results from the other.

To search The Virtual Weber Bullet website, enter your search term into the box at the top right of any page.

Example of main Web site search

To search The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board discussion forum, enter your search term into the box at the top right side of any page, or click “Advanced Search” for more options.

Example of discussion forum search

Supporting TVWB

The Virtual Weber Bullet is presented free of charge for your enjoyment and education, but it does cost money to produce and maintain the website. If you appreciate the quality and usefulness of information provided by TVWB, see Support The Virtual Weber Bullet for information about how you can help.