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The Charcoal Grate The Charcoal Grate

This grate sits in the bottom of the charcoal bowl.  It supports the charcoal ring, charcoal, and smoking wood.  Ashes fall through the grate to the bottom of the charcoal bowl.

The Charcoal Ring The Charcoal Ring

This ring sits on the charcoal grate.  The charcoal and smoking wood is placed inside the ring.  It keeps the fuel centered in the cooker and prevents the adjustable air vents from being blocked.  The perforations provide adequate airflow for the burning coals and smoking wood.

The Charcoal Bowl Assembly The Charcoal Bowl Assembly

Here is a view of the charcoal bowl assembly, with the charcoal grate in the bottom and the charcoal ring on top of the grate.

Adjustable Air Vents Adjustable Air Vents

There are three of these adjustable air vents in the charcoal bowl.  They are adjusted throughout the cooking process to control the temperature of the bullet.

Thermometer Thermometer

Good temperature control is one of the keys to making good barbecue.  Unfortunately, the Weber Bullet doesn't come with a built-in thermometer.  However, you can insert one through the top vent, as shown here.  I use a Taylor (sorry, don't know the model number, but it's commonly found at better grocery and hardware stores) and it seems to work fine.  Some folks have drilled through the lid or access door to install built-in thermometers.

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