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The Cooking Grills The Cooking Grills

The Weber Bullet has two 18-1/2" cooking grills.  The top grill has two handles and sits at the top of the cooking section.  The bottom grill has no handles and is located halfway down the cooking section.

Each grill is supported by small flanges that are attached to the inside of the cooking section.

The Water Pan The Water Pan

The water pan is located just below the bottom grill.  It has a capacity of one gallon.  The water moderates the temperature of the cooker, helps baste the meat, and catches any drippings, preventing them from flaring-up on the hot charcoal below.

The pan is supported by the same type of flanges that support the cooking grills.

The Access Door The Access Door

The access door is removed by turning the black knob.  Through this opening, you can add water or fuel to the cooker as needed.  In this photo, you can see the bottom cooking grill with the water pan immediately below it, and the charcoal grill at the bottom.

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